Over the years, what started out as a butcher's shop with a few guest rooms and neighbouring farm developed into a gastronomic insiders' tip. As time passed, the family stopped farming, the guest rooms were developed and a place where guests can feel at home was created with a great deal of care and love of detail. The restaurant was built at the same time as the first catering service in the region was started and still enjoys an excellent reputation. Because of the high quality, demand increased continuously and gradually the butcher's shop and the small guesthouse grew into the current Hotel Wiesend – a hotel with charm and atmosphere.

In 2009, a new chapter starts in the hotel's long-standing history. The hotel management by the Wiesend family is now entering the seventh generation, and with this change comes new ideas and vitality. The good features will remain unchanged while many things will be even better. Targeted measures will raise Hotel Wiesend to a new level. Much modernisation in the rooms and in the infrastructure creates a new, even higher standard.